B.A.R.E. Restraints and Genital Shavers

Beth Weisman-Lovatt

The last 3 shows were a bust, 2 were because the show promoters did not do their job well enough and one was because the American economy still sucks. But B.A.R.E. took financial huge hits with these shows and now I have to regroup and figure out what happens next....which totally sucks.

Anyways some of you have been waiting for me to get my next order of Genital Shavers. I am getting 30 of them next week and probably won't get any more until the fall. So if you still want a kit, please order it or let me know.



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B.A.R.E. is a Canadian Company and we do our manufacturing 'in house'.  What we don't make ourselves, we get from local leather makers.   So know that you are buying North American-made products for the most part.   We have been manufacturing fetish wear and accessories since 2003.

After noticing an insufficiency of plus-size fetish wear, we geared the company towards producing larger-sized garments at reasonable prices.  We carry all sizes, but wanted to make sure we carried plus sizes in our standard stock (because we manufacture all the outfits ourselves, we can easily alter anything that needed altering).  

B.A.R.E. has become the discount store of fetish gear. We make good, quality items for the average income person, so you don’t have to mortgage your home to buy from us.

If it is quality you want, from a company that cares, then buy from us.  If you are looking for rock-bottom prices for cheaply made goods, then buy online from sites in India or China.  

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